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Chess Way - Game replay and endgames

4.6 ( 1056 ratings )
Sport Gry Planszowe Strategiczne Rozrywka Układanki
Desenvolvedor: GONG JUNJIE

Chess Way, the way of chess, is the most popular chess game until now. It provides oceans of endgames and game replay. By studying this game replay, we believe you can

improve your chess skill very quickly. At the same time, the interesting endgames will help you relax yourself when you are tied of work. Don’t hesitate, try to download it at once!

This chess app is designed as universal binary, which can run on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Key Features:
1. Five levels of playing strength, it can meet the needs of all players.
2. Oceans of game replay and endgames, helping player to improve skill easily.
3. When studying the game replay, you can see the PGN text.
4. Add background music feature, you can download more music file.
5. The board can support left-right swipe gesture.
6. Long press board to copy chess game replay.
7. Copy your PGN file to device, it can be a very good PGN Reader.
8. It includes One Player and Two Player mode, you can challenge with AI computer or your friend.
9. Rich saving feature can help you save endgame, save game and save game replay, and load them next time.
10. Delicate UI design and exciting sound effect, especially it support 5 sets of board skin and piece skin.